Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Camp Rock Music Storms Teen Charts

Camp Rock's music is young, hip and edgy. The movie's soundtrack contains the voice of a new generation of adolescents and the CDs and videos are selling like hot cakes amongst a tween and teenaged market. Disney has always held a corner on the market of music for a young generation and their latest offering is no exception to this rule. There are three reasons that the soundtrack for this movie is selling so astoundingly well. First, the Jonas Brothers' involvement in this project practically guarantees its success. Second, the power-pop musical genre is historically popular with adolescents. Third and last, the songs are admittedly catchy, easy and fun to listen to.
Jonas Brothers Equal Sales
The off-the-charts popularity of the Jonas Brothers has increased dramatically of late, as they recently signed a two-year touring contract with Live Nation. Their participation in the Camp Rock music soundtrack guarantees a high demand in the tween/teen girls market. The Jonas Brothers write and perform all of their own music, which sets them apart from other similar projects. These brothers star and perform songs in the Camp Rock movie and this was more than enough to generate enough publicity for the later released CD to be a sure-fire success.
If it Ain't Broke...
Camp Rock music is power-pop to the core, which has historically struck a chord with tween/teen aged boys and girls. Bands of yesteryear such as New Kids on the Block were the teenybopper pop chart toppers (say that five times fast!) of their day, using pretty much the same formulaic approach as Camp Rock does to win the hearts of its consumer demographic. The music comes at your fast and the lights and the glitter quickly catches your fancy. Before you know it, tween girls are screaming fans who are ready and willing to plunk down their allowance money in order to buy t-shirts and posters. Admittedly, there is a bit more of an edge to the power-pop music of 2008 but for the most part, it is business as usual for Disney.
There is Something to it
Aside from the Disney and Live Nation publicity machine pushing full steam ahead, you have to admit that Camp Rock music really is sort of fun to listen to. The songs are catchy and well produced. The Jonas Brothers' vocals are full of raw yearning and innocence. The songs and the music bring back fond memories of youth and help parents to relate to the hearts of their children. For better or for worse, the teen pop genre is here to stay. Since we cannot beat it, we might as well just let go and join in on the Camp Rock music craze.
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