Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Roots Rock Music - Bringing Back Rock to Its Roots

Whenever someone says "rock music" our minds instantly glide past through thoughts of heavy guitar riffs, men shouting in high pitch tone, spiky hairstyles, glitzy costumes and ruffles hanging from their sleeves. When no one thought that rock could mellow, a sub-genre called "roots rock music" emerged in the '80s.
From roots to rock
During the mid '80s, a number of bands reverted from the slick, traditional pop/rock music to a new rock ensemble that goes back to its roots - country, R&B and folk. The unique fusion of the various genres gave birth to a new sub-genre that honors its native origins.
The first roots type bands managed to resist the modern influence of rock. Instead of heavy metal instruments, they moved back to the guitar-oriented approach and immortalized the emotion and raw energy of R&B, folk music, country, and of course early tunes of rock and roll.
This type of music failed to win the attention of mainstream fans on first try. They instead, found a spot on college radios which played them well. They were appreciated and their music was king on college campuses of young adults. The first roots rock artists, from Southern California rock scene, didn't mind unrecognized for a short period of time despite their soulful combination of traditional and modern melodies. Bands such as the Beat Farmers, the Blasters, and Los Lobos sacrificed to uphold their unique rock genre to enliven and credit the roots of rock.
Roots rock defiance
Roots rock artists understand the complexity of their genre. Up to now, it is loosely defined because it encompasses even Americana music and other various country sub-genres. It runs across many categories and cannot be boxed. Something that pop music must envy. Music is abstract; no one can simply wrap it in boxes with labels. For roots rock artists, their music is free-flowing and the expressions infused within the sound and lyrics are endless. This music has no boundaries and it also has no limits.
Roots rock age
Roots rock musichad a brief taste of the glory in the late '80s. Pioneering artists like Lone Justice, Del Fuegos and Green on Red rose to fame. But on the onset of '90s, roots rock artists began to lose their shine. But then again, they continue to hold on to their craft and managed to catch the attention of America. Thanks to these important artists of the '80s - Steve Earle, Jason and the Scorches, BoDeans, Drivin' N' Cryin', Georgia Satellites, The Long Ryders, Dash Rip Rock, Gun Club and James McMurty.
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